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Instead of continuing to make someone else‘s business bigger, grow your own practice, become a 1040 Team affiliate and keep a higher % of your preparation fees!

1040Team was designed with the independent tax professional in mind. Our goal is to provide a safe alternative this upcoming tax season other than face-to-face tax preparation services. 1040Team is the first of its’ kind, offering virtual tax preparation affiliate and franchise opportunities.

Our founders’ desire to offer a low cost to entry affiliate opportunity, was further motivated by knowledge of the economic impact of the current pandemic. When seeing the struggle many families and individuals faced to make ends meet, management wanted to make this opportunity affordable and valued packed.

What Does 1040Team Do ?

Our parent company Refund Kingdom, a tax software development company, wanted to offer a low cost to entry affiliate opportunity for experienced tax professionals. As a subsidiary of Refund Kingdom, our 1040Team members will always have the most advanced tax products at a bargain.

Our platform will bring the familiarity of a traditional tax office into the virtual space and provide you with state-of the-art technology, making the process seamless. With the constant statewide shutdowns, less and less people are inclined to actually go into tax offices and as a 1040Team member you will have a unique opportunity to offer your tax clients a safe and secure alternative.

What Will It Cost Me?

A package like this could easily be valued at $10,000 +

We could have offered this package for $8,000 & it would be a steal at that price.

But the executives wanted to offer this opportunity to you, the Experienced Tax Professional, for an absolute bargain. They know that tax professionals often times wait all the way until February to get the first set of IRS deposits and didn’t want to make this program unaffordable.

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Our story

With COVID on the fritz within our communities, 1040Team was developed with you in mind. Seeing the need for job opportunities for tax preparers that practices social distancing, but also still provides safe social interaction for the times when speaking to a client are necessary, our creators found the perfect solution.

We paired up with TaxPass, a mobile interface that hosts our Refund Kingdom tax software, and created a unique opportunity for tax preparers to provide a safe alternative to filing this upcoming tax season. 1040Team allows you to work on your own terms, in your own environment, at your own pace. Our platform provides a simplified, user-friendly interface that catches errors and maximizes returns.